Using a Small Portable Air-conditioner in Your Truck

Truck Air ConditionerSmall portable air conditioners provide you with an apt solution for all these and you can make yourself comfortable no matter which part of the house you are in. These portable and small air conditioners could be carried by you anywhere you want, making you comfortable in the hot summer days. If you are camping, you can carry these to your tents and enjoy the outing even during the summer months.

There are several models and brands of portable room air conditioners available in the market, and you can buy them from online stores as well. These are ductless air conditioning systems which do not require any duct work to run. As compared to split system air conditioning units, these small air conditioners do not require to be installed, and only needs to be plugged to a main power source. These systems could be placed anywhere for effective and fast cooling of the room you are in. There are various models and brands available, and some are multi functional units which can serve the purpose of a cooling as well as a heating system.

There are various sizes available with specifications in terms of BTU, which apply to the area that you want to cool. If you are looking for cooling a small office area or a small room, you can choose and go for small portable air conditioners with the larger ones meant for cooling large areas. Several of these air conditioners have UV lights and ionizers which are meant for killing germs as it circulates fresh air in the room. These are classified as portable room air conditioners which use less electricity than the others, providing you with large savings. I’m able to charge my air conditioner, phone, speakers and portable lantern (do you see a portable trend here :-)). off the 12v port in my truck without draining the battery.

Small portable air conditioners are today’s solution for a person living in a small, stuffy place, which becomes unbearable during the summer hot months. With the help of these air conditioners you can have the comfort in winter and in summer as well, even when you are camping. You could easily carry these portable systems to your tents and have your own temperature made to order. It is a portable room air conditioner system, which could be moved from one area to the other and kept next to where-ever you are for your personal cooling. The major benefit of these units is that they do not have to be installed as in split system air conditioning systems and you do not need to drill a hole in the wall to connect the system to an outside kept unit.

A small portable air conditioner has a flexible hose which runs to a window. This hose helps the exhaust hot air to be vented outside, and with the length of the hose being somewhere between five to seven feet in length, you can move your air conditioner to a desirable position in the room or tent. This is more meaningful than having the air conditioner unit next to a window.

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